b'SPRING 2023EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE A diamond is a chunk of coal thatdid well under pressure By Chadd K. Kraus, DO, DrPH, FACEPEMERGENCY! Overwhelmed andfour walls of the ED. And gratitude that understaffed, medicines front lines areas emergency physicians we had mostly collapsing across America. Soundsweathered the once-in-a-century crisis familiar, doesnt it, maybe even howof COVID. Reflecting on the past year, you felt during your last shift?those principles still apply. Chadd K. Kraus, DO, DrPH, FACEPPACEP President 2022-2023 That headline resonates with all ofIn Spring 2023, emergency medicine us and was the cover story of Timeexperienced a challenging Match week Magazine on May 28, 1990. Boarding,that began with more than 550 unfilled crowding, not enough staff.A mentorEM residency spots nationally. Match once told me all that is old is new again. week headlines, such as Working As I complete my service as PACEPin the ER used to be a cool job. NowPresident, I thank you for the chance tomedical students shun it. (Washington have represented you, my colleagues.Post, 3/17/2023), suggested our demise In my first PACEP News Executiveas a specialty. At the end of the Match process, approximately 50 spots were Because of emergencyPrivilege, I outlined my vision andunfilled. Although, like a piece of coal, physicians like you, PACEPapproach to what was then thewe are dusty and dirty after a bruising year ahead with three principles:Match, we remain the diamonds in the is well positioned to shapeDetermination to be champions forhouse of medicine. Although we work a future that is bright foremergency physician-led teams, teamsin a system that does not adequately that acknowledge the unique rolesprovide for us as emergency physicians emergency physicians andof all members providing care, whileand is under resourced to meet the that exceeds the needs ofrecognizing the irreplaceable andneeds of patients, we continue to primary role of emergency physiciansprovide high-quality emergency care, patients and the public.with our unique knowledge, skills, and 24/7/365.Emergency medicine is abilities. An attitude of aspirational "not dead yet."pragmatism, where we turn big ideasWithin that context, and in reflecting into action within the realities that faceon the past year of PACEP, I am our specialty inside and outside of theconfident that emergency medicine continue reading on page 3'