b'WINTER 2024EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE On the Front Lines By Richard J. Hamilton, MD, MBA, FACEP Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by what is happening on a daily basis in my emergency department and those throughout PA and the US,I pull out this old Time Magazine that I kept frommy early days in Emergency Medicine.https://content.time.com/time/Richard J. Hamilton, MD, MBA, FACEP covers/0,16641,19900528,00.htmlPACEP President 20232024It might not be immediately clear from the image, but this article is about 34 years old. Thats right1990! Its shocking how prescient it might seem, even apart from the headlinefrom the mask on the physician to the political turmoil around the world. It reminds me that we do indeed serve on the front lines of health care. Taken quite literally, the constancy of what we do is always on behalf of othersour patientsand requires focus, dedication, and effort. PACEP too is on the front lines of Emergency Medicine. Here is an infographic that might explain focus, dedication, and effort our government affairs committee and our political action committee (PEP-PAC) are doing to track legislation and advocate for emergency medicine. So, when you are having a particularly down daycongratulate yourself for your efforts on the front lines and think about joining the effort on the front lines of advocacy. Think about attending the Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Washington D.C. on April 1416, 2024. Or join a subcommittee and roll up your sleeves. PACEP wants you!'