b'WINTER 2023EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE: Off to the racesPACEP in 2023By Chadd K. Kraus, DO, DrPH, FACEPIt is my privilege to greet you in thisfriends and meeting new ones while first-ever, all electronic edition of PACEPattending state-of-the-art, practice News. The evolution to an electronicchanging educational sessions. With PACEP News has been decades in thefresh, new educational programming, making. From the typewriter-producedincluding sessions that will help first edition of the Emergency Physicianyou to satisfy your state licensing Interim Communique (EPIC), PaACEPsrequirements, PACEP SA23 is a cant Chadd K. Kraus, DO, DrPH, FACEP original newsletter in the 1970s, tomiss event for every emergency PACEP President 2022-2023 the content rich, graphically advancedphysician in Pennsylvania. I look PACEP News of the 2020s, PACEP Newsforward to seeing you there.has grown and changed its look butThe new year is an exciting time on not its positive impact on members.the advocacy front as well. PACEP has The Board of Directors decision tocontracted with a new lobbying partner, move to an electronic newsletter isBigley and Blikle, whom you will meet in the culmination of several years ofdeliberative discussions about how tothis newsletter. PEP-PAC is stronger than best create an interactive, cotemporaryever, and your continued contributions publication with expanded reach, whileto the PAC ensure that your and our building on the traditional memberspecialtys voices are heard and amplified As the new Generalin Harrisburg. Dr. Arvind Venkat, past benefit that PACEP News provides. Your Assembly convenes,suggestions and feedback on this newPACEP President, was elected to the PA PACEP will have a rangeformat are welcome.General Assembly in November 2022, the first physician member of the state of legislative prioritiesBuilding on the momentum of 2022,legislature in several decades. PACEP including behavioral healthPACEP has an exciting year aheadlooks forward to working with Dr. Venkat in 2023. PACEP Scientific Assemblyand his colleagues in the Assembly to and psychiatric boarding,2023 (SA23), Pennsylvanias premiereadvance legislation that improves the the opioid epidemic, scopeemergency medicine educational eventpractice and delivery of emergency care for emergency physicians will be heldin Pennsylvania. As the new General of practice, and venueMay 46, 2023 at Kalahari Resorts andAssembly convenes, PACEP will have a change for malpractice. Conventions in the Poconos. As always,range of legislative priorities including this event provides unparalleledbehavioral health and psychiatric opportunities for catching up with oldboarding, the opioid epidemic, scope continue reading on page 3'