b'As can be seen here, the yellow linefrom the AAMC as it pertains to dual-represents the blue bars from theapplicants (applicants applying to EM previous graph, or the total numberand1 other specialty) as well as US MD/of applicants to EM. When you look atDO seniors versus those1 years out of the breakdown of applicants, there is amedical school. Based on various sources, convergence of applicant type, with awe can surmise what this information fairly large increase in IMG applicants,will look like, although we await formal a moderate increase in osteopathicconfirmation from the data.applicants, and a minimal increase inFor further information, data is now allopathic applicants, each representingpublicly posted on the AAMC website: not quite 1/3 of the applicant pool. AAMC ERAS Statistics - Preliminary Data, We have seen some other trends worthalthough it varies slightly from what I noting, such as an overall downtrend inhave provided here above, as it is pulled the number of applications per applicant.from a different timeframe than the While the over-application phenomenonpreliminary data provided to us; however, may be improving, the cause of it is likelythe overall numbers and trends are multifactorial and not all attributable to theessentially similar.state of EM these days as similar trends haveI hope by sharing this information Ive been seen in other specialties. Additionally,been able to provide you with factual overall the total number of applicationsinformation, helping to dispel any and the average number of applicationsmisinformation. We continue to watch per program have gone down for allopathictrends with cautious optimism for our applicants, while both osteopathic and IMGspecialty. Should you have any further applications and average applications perquestions, please dont hesitate to reach program have trended up. out to me directly.Questions were raised at the CORD Town Hall, and we are awaiting a response PACEP News | Fall 2023 17'