b'Residency Spotlight: Reading HospitalTower Health By Megan Ulsh, DOWHAT DOES YOUR PROGRAMhave hosted cookie-swap parties, paint OFFER THAT RESIDENTS CAN\'Tclasses, and game nights. On long GET ANYWHERE ELSE? weekends, our residents are known to travel to Delaware and New Jersey Our unique and varied patientbeaches and spend time in the cities of population is one of the majorLancaster, Philadelphia, and New York. highlights of our residency program.Berks County and the surrounding Being a STEMI and stroke receivingareas are full of opportunities for center and Level I Trauma Center witheveryone.a Pediatric Emergency Department, we treat a wide variety of chief complaints,To ensure residents have time for patient presentations, and acuity ofextracurricular activities, family events, Megan Ulsh, DO conditions, both medical and trauma.and personal wellness, our ED rotation Chief Resident, Emergency Medicine Additionally, our geographic locationschedule has a strong focus on resident Residency Program allows for significant variety in patientwellness. Each resident works 20 nine-population. Our hospital is locatedhour ED shifts PGY-1 year with a one Reading Hospital Emergencyin the borough of West Reading, PA,shift reduction each following PGY Medicine Residencya Berks County suburb listed amongyear, and every resident is guaranteed some of the best places to live ina "golden weekend" during each of Location: West Reading,Pennsylvania. Located just one miletheir ED blocks. Residents are able, Pennsylvaniafrom downtown Reading - the fourthand encouraged, to submit schedule Social Media Handles: Instagramlargest city in Pennsylvania, and ninerequests to the scheduling chief @Reading_EM_Residencymiles from Lancaster County - theresident to more easily align their largest Amish community in thepersonal schedules with their clinical Year Founded: 2018 United States, we are able to enjoyschedules. Additionally, each resident\'s Number of Residents: 29the diversity of caring for patients ofnight-shift schedule is aggregated to all ages from a variety of cultural andlimit the frequency of sleep schedule Program Length: 3 yearssocioeconomic backgrounds thatchanges. Many residents attribute their Website:Reading Hospitalincludes a large Spanish speakingability to attend special occasions, Emergency Residency Programpopulation. coach their children\'s sports teams, (rhemresidency.com) and re-engage in prior hobbies to our Our geographic location contributesmindful scheduling process.not only to our patient variety, but to local extracurricular opportunities.Finally, our curriculum is robust in Many of our residents enjoy runningcore EM areas including critical care, and hiking in local parks and trails,ultrasound, and pediatrics, as well as kayaking and paddleboarding inmore nuanced subfields. Reading EM nearby Blue Marsh Lake, skiing andoffers unique experiential learning snowboarding at multiple ski resortsopportunities in First Responder in and around the Pocono Mountains,experiences (see above, learning and attending fitness classes at variousfrom and working alongside Reading gyms including CrossFit and OrangeFire Department), Wilderness Theory Fitness. In addition to physicalMedicine, and Global Health. We fitness and outdoor activities, residentshost multiple wilderness medicine 24 PACEP News | Fall 2023'