b'20232024 PACEPPACEP Committee Board of Directors Chairs/Co-Chairs Executive CommitteeEducation PresidentRichard J. Hamilton, MD, MBA, FACEP ChairMonisha Bindra, DO, MPH, FACEPPresident-ElectJennifer L. Savino, DO, FACEP Co-ChairChristopher J. Wilson, MD, FACEPVice PresidentElizabeth Barrall Werley, MD, FACEP Board LiaisonAnnahieta Kalantari, DO, FACEPTreasurerTheresa A. Walls, MD, MPHSecretaryScott Goldstein, DO, FACEP, EMT-PHP EMS Disaster and Terrorism Preparedness (DTP) Immediate PastChadd K. Kraus, DO, DrPH, FACEPCo-ChairChristopher L. Berry, MD, FACEPPresidentCo-ChairAvram Flamm, DO, FACEPBoard LiaisonErik Kochert, MD, CPE, FACEPBoard Members Blake Bailey, DO, MBA, FACEP Government Affairs/Medical Economics Annahieta Kalantari, DO, FACEP Co-ChairAmanda Deshisky, DO, FACEPErik I. Kochert, MD, CPE, FACEP Co-ChairKirk S. Hinkley, MD, FACEPHannah Mishkin, MD, FACEP PEP-PAC ChairMichael Boyd, MDMeaghan Reid, DO, FACEP PEP-PAC TreasurerT. Douglas Sallade, DOHolly Stankewicz, DO, FACEP Board LiaisonBlake Bailey, DO, MBA, FACEP Resident Representatives Research Kyle Hughes, MD (Jefferson) Co-ChairEric Melnychuk, DO, FACEPTaylor Klein, DO (Conemaugh) Co-ChairJoseph Herres, DO, FACEPGeorge Koshy, DO (Geisinger) Board LiaisonHolly Stankewicz, DO, FACEPDanielle Nesbit, DO (Lehigh Valley Health Network)Wellness/Young Physicians Executive DirectorJan Reisinger, MBA, CAE ChairDhimitri Nikolla, DO, FACEPBoard LiaisonHannah Mishkin, MD, FACEPLeadership FellowsAlexandra Amaducci, DO, FACEPAngela Cai, MD, MBAIf you are interested in joining a committee,visit here.SAVE Future PACEP Scientific Assemblies at KalahariT H E Resorts & Conventions, Pocono Manor, PA DATES2024May 14 2025April 23264 PACEP News | Fall 2023'